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How to Make Your Loved One’s Memorial Special

Losing someone you love, may it be one of your family members or your friends, is painful. To grieve is normal. But the thing about grieving is that we don’t know how to. Some of us might not be able to handle the situation that we can’t even cry and before we know it, our loved ones are already buried deep. We always want the best memorial for our loved ones, but we don’t know how. With too many emotions and too much in our minds, we forgot how to properly set the memorial of our loved ones.

There are two ways to make the memorial special for your loved ones. One is to be buried deep and put up a mausoleum or make the gravestone beautiful. But let us focus on the other one which is the ashes. If you prefer to cremate your loved ones, you can do more than just placing it inside an urn. Aside from the fact that you can bring it with you at home, you can actually make the memorial more special by utilizing your loved one’s ashes. This is where memorial portrait comes in.

But what is exactly a memorial portrait? This is the same concept with a portrait even a mosaic portrait but the thing is that the cremated ashes of your loved ones will be used. That means that with the expertise of the owner of the memorial portrait, he can make a portrait of your loved ones out from their ashes. This is one of the best options to preserve their memories. Urn can be displayed inside your home but the portrait will remind you of their presence. Although you are missing them, by having a memorial portrait displayed inside your home, you are able to keep the memories intact. You can feel their presence and that will lessen the pain and longing that you feel. The portrait literally presents their existence. But don’t worry because not all ashes are to be used. Any excess ashes will still be preserved the way you want it.

If you are planning to have the memorial portrait for your loved ones, you can estimate the amount of ashes needed depending on the size of the portrait. You can visit the website and place your order there. You will also find the corresponding ashes needed for the size of your portrait. You can choose the photo that you want for your loved ones and just send them through email. As to the ashes, you will receive a mailing kit from the company. You will find the zip bag that will be the container of the ashes and further instructions to complete the requirements and sending of the ashes.

This might be pricey than the regular memorial plan you have for your loved ones but definitely is the best choice. Not only that you are able to see their portraits everyday, you will also feel their presence because the portrait itself is really them.

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